This more like it. Playing GTA 5 in VR standing up and holding a weapon.

We’ve already had a taste of the GTA 5 in VR which was a fully seated keyboard and mouse experience that caused massive amounts of motion sickness. One way to combat wanting to barf all over the place is to stand up and play but that’s only possible using something like the Virtuix Omni or Cyberith Virtualizer.

Virtuix has just released a new video showing GTA 5 being played with their treadmill hardware and it looks like a cracking experience. The treadmill definitely enhances the walking about gameplay in VR although I’m not too sure about the driving which still looks a little tricky. Holding a weapon and not having to worry about using some sort of controller to move is also a massive plus.

The guy demonstrating the game in the video isn’t throwing up all over the place so the Omni must be working well with the Oculus Rift.

Paul Younger


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