The first reveal from the PC Gaming Show (which I’m not going to praise/complain about just yet) is Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

All we have thus far is an announcement trailer, which, uh, shows people shooting at each other. In Vietnam. You can see it below.

For a bit of context, Rising Storm was a stand-alone expansion pack for Red Orchestra, Tripwire’s realistic World War 2 multiplayer shooter. Where Red Orchestra was set in the Eastern Front, Rising Storm took place in the Pacific Theatre, so… yeah, I guess Rising Storm is the reasonable brand for a Vietnam conflict a few decades on. You’re on the right side of the planet, at least.

Other than what you can see below, we basically know nothing. Check the trailer out, and see what you think.

Edit: The game’s official site is online now, so that should have a few more details.

Tim McDonald


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