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Tripwire announces Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

The first reveal from the PC Gaming Show (which I’m not going to praise/complain about just yet) is Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

All we have thus far is an announcement trailer, which, uh, shows people shooting at each other. In Vietnam. You can see it below.

For a bit of context, Rising Storm was a stand-alone expansion pack for Red Orchestra, Tripwire’s realistic World War 2 multiplayer shooter. Where Red Orchestra was set in the Eastern Front, Rising Storm took place in the Pacific Theatre, so… yeah, I guess Rising Storm is the reasonable brand for a Vietnam conflict a few decades on. You’re on the right side of the planet, at least.

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Other than what you can see below, we basically know nothing. Check the trailer out, and see what you think.

Edit: The game’s official site is online now, so that should have a few more details.

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