Star Citizen Arena Commander 1.0.2 released

Star Citizen Arena Commander 1.0.2 released

Another update lands for Star Citizen sorting numerous issues and adds a few things too.

Before the weekend gets fully underway, Cloud Imperium has released the latest patch for Star Citizen’s Arena Commander taking it to version 1.0.2. This update mainly focuses on bug fixes and balance issues but there are a few new additions including a new warning message for players who keep attacking friendlies. I wonder if it simple says “whoops” or “take that you bastard!”

The full list of changes can be found on page 2 as there are more changes in this 1.0.2 update than Cloud Imperium were letting on in their update. There’s also the obligatory list of known issues which will eventually get sorted out.

2 thoughts on “Star Citizen Arena Commander 1.0.2 released”

  1. I love these changelists.

    More often than not, there’s a funny bug that has been fixed or introduced.

    Such as:
    Fixed an issue where using HOMAS or TrackIR whilst using Target Focus causes the players head to shake and move uncontrollably

    Character will sometimes spawn with the helmet on backwards

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