Seriously though, how likely is GTA V on PC?

Seriously though, how likely is GTA V on PC?

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Tim McDonald: Assuming you’re from this planet and see the outside world more than once a year, you may have heard something about how a little game called Grand Theft Auto V has just been released. Just been on released on consoles, that is, because Rockstar still haven’t announced the PC version which will obviously be vastly superior.

We’ve had our fun, but it’s perhaps time we address this seriously. Is GTA5 going to come out on PC? Why? When? How? Who? Where? I’m pretty convinced it’ll make an appearance for a wide variety of reasons we’ll no doubt go into shortly, but as I’m not writing this alone: Mr. Peter Parrish, what do you think?

Franklin keeps an eye out for further clues of GTA5 on PC.

Peter Parrish: What’s a Grand Theft Auto? Is that the thing responsible for all of the gun violence in America?

Tim: I thought I told you that FOX News was bad for you?

Peter: There was almost no news about foxes on that channel at all, it’s a disgrace. Anyway, we’re at the risk of this being a terribly short article if I just say “Yes, I think there’s a GTA5 on the way for PC,” so let’s expand on that a bit. Prior to release day, there were the usual rumours relating to retailers (on and offline) listing the game for PC. This doesn’t tell us much either way, as it could be down to placeholders or retailer error, but it’s something to add to the big bag of PC GTA5 circumstantial evidence.

In July, Rockstar themselves came out with a typically vague statement in an FAQ, saying “We don’t have anything to share about the possibility of a next-gen or a PC platform release at this time.” That was a classic piece of PR misdirection; neither a denial, nor a confirmation. Nobody gets excited and nobody gets too pissed off.

About a week later, there was the slightly more concrete news that the developer was hiring for a “talented graphics programmer to help bring our latest titles to the PC platform.” It’s probably safe to say they weren’t talking about Rockstar Table Tennis, there. Max Payne 3 is already on PC, and Red Dead Redemption is probably a lost cause at this point. So that leaves… yep, GTA5.

Then in August, an Nvidia executive casually mentioned the title when he was reeling off a list of games PC players would be keenly building new PCs for. This is perhaps a weaker clue than the job posting, because this guy also thought PC players would be super excited for Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassins Creed IV rather than some platform-exclusive stuff like Rome 2. Mind you, it may be telling that he selected other multi-platform games alongside GTA5.

gtav (2)
Michael, are you trying to tell us something? Is the PC version trapped down a mine shaft?

That brings us up to September’s release, which gave people the chance to start delving around inside the guts of the actual game itself. The Xbox 360 files contained various references to a PC build, as do the bits and bobs inside the free iFruit companion app. Of all the evidence, I’d say these two are the most immediately compelling. At the very least, they point to a PC version being in the works at some point, even if the reality turns out to be that Rockstar decided they hate money and abandoned it.

But there’s actually a historical pattern that we can look at too, is there not Tim?

Tim: That was incredibly long. I’m not going to shout at you for that too much, though, because I’ll probably do the same thing here.

Yes, this is basically what Rockstar has done for every GTA since 3. I’m having a hard time digging up the actual facts behind this, but ever since GTA3, the PC version has always been released after the console version. Since Vice City, I’m pretty sure every PC version has only been announced after one console version has been released.

As evidence, I present to you the list of US release dates for GTA games from GTA3 onwards, as listed on GTA Wikia.

GTA3 PS2 – 22 October 2001
GTA3 PC – 20 May 2002
GTA:VC PS2 – 27 Oct 2002
GTA:VC PC – 12 May 2003
GTA:SA PS2 – 26 Oct 2004
GTA:SA PC – 7 Jun 2005
GTA4 PS3/360 – 29 Apr 2008
GTA4 PC – 2 Dec 2008

GTAV (5)
Rockstar sets the cops on Trevor for talking about a PC release.

If that wasn’t boring enough: here, have some more numbers! This means that the difference in release between the console and PC versions was as follows…

GTA3 – 210 days (6 months, 28 days)
GTA:VC – 197 days (6 months, 15 days)
GTA:SA – 224 days (7 months, 12 days)
GTA4 – 217 days (7 months, 3 days)

That’s assuming I’ve worked this out correctly, anyway. I may have mucked up with leap years. THIS ISN’T A SCIENCE; IT’S AN ART.

Anyway: applying maths this means that the average difference in release date works out to, ooh, 212 days. If we now apply more maths and add that average to the console release of 17 Sep 2013, we get… 17 Apr 2014. Which is a Thursday, so let’s move that to a Tuesday and guess at either 15 or 22 Apr 2014.

Tim: So yeah, if history indicates the future, we’re pretty much slap-bang in the middle of Rockstar’s evil plot to make PC users buy it twice. It’s worth noting, too, that Rockstar have never failed to release a main series GTA game on PC (Vice City Stories and the like don’t really count); the only really major game that’s ever skipped the PC was Red Dead Redemption, and rumour has it that’s because the code is such a mess that it just wasn’t viable. I think we can safely assume GTA5 won’t suffer the same problem.

To sum up, then – there’s evidence that Rockstar is (or, at least, was) working on a PC version of GTA5, and the fact that it hasn’t been announced yet isn’t unusual. If this release follows previous trends, then we can assume we’ll have it in our hot little PC hands sometime around April/May 2014.

GTAV (1)
Bridging the gap between release dates.

Peter: Ooh, get you with your dates and your figures. You’re like the David Starkey of videogames.

Tim: This coming from the war criminal of games journalism.

Peter: I only commit videogame war crimes in the name of freedom, so it’s okay.

Sorry… that maybe wasn’t helpful. This won’t be too helpful either, but it needs to be asked: what if we do get a port, but it turns out to be a bit shit? It’s happened before. It could easily happen again.


49 thoughts on “Seriously though, how likely is GTA V on PC?”

  1. Very nice article.

    People that are financially medium-low class difficulty can save for a console or a gaming pc. Even more buying games for them. Those people wouldn’t buy the game anyway so is not humanly wrong to torrent it. There are millions of people elsewhere in the world, specially in developed countries that will buy the game, upgrade their pc, console and buy roughly a game each month. There is no loss for big game companies like these.

    Let me give you my perspective again:
    I built my gaming pc this year using a few components from older pc, like the monitor, it got me between the ps4 and xbox one price. I chose to build a pc for playing games because I knew I couldn’t afford to constantly buy new titles for the console, but torrenting games could keep me entertained.

    The problem with the game industry complaining so much about people pirating their games is that most don’t make it interesting enough for people to buy their game, at least for the shopping affordable economic class. I download the game to have some fun with the single player thing. There is not sense to for me to save money from other things just to buy games and play a rather nice single player but then a crappy multiplayer.

    So the game companies have to somehow make their games to be massively enough played online. People will buy their game that way because there are all the time players online playing it, is interesting enough and that makes worth the price.

    As I said I’m medium-low class, but I can plan my finances to buy games worth playing online, like Counter Strike series, Fifa, even a game called Power Soccer that requires monthly membership. I’ve been playing it for years because the multiplayer football is worth it. The GTA online trailer amazed me, that’s the reason I will most certainly buy Rockstar’s game. I just can’t pay so much to only play the offline version like was the case with GTA IV where I ended up downloading. But this online feature teased me to really think on buying their game.

    If the GTA V is released for PC during the course of 2013 I will buy it 100%. Otherwise, if is only released past some months of 2014 then I’ll be just 50%-50% depending on the player reviews and popularity. So if not worth and just too late for PC I’ll have fun with offline from the torrent.

    Btw, Steam is a great platform for computer games, way better than the high prices of physical stores. There you have friends playing a wide range of games, you make new ones while playing online, just like the consoles network. Seeing your friends playing some fancy game will totally make you consider to get it too, on steam, paying for it, not torrenting 🙂
    So big game companies, consider your release for steam and stop that exclusivity between platforms, even if you do between xbox/ps, PC is a whole different level; The share for pc gamers grows more and more every year because pc custom build starts to get more feasible for entertainment investment, where you can have the same joy of console. So, long story short: Xbox one / PS4 / Computer are great platforms for gaming and exclusivity is bad for us, good for you CEOs, bad for us. I include Computer as great gaming platform because nowadays we have tablets, smartphones, netbooks, all great for the internet on its own. So people invest in a good gaming pc like it would be a console; + you can work in several areas using the pc, surf the internet; so is all that in one great thing capable of even greater things.

    *I may have some inconsistencies in my text, some absurd game market views for some but it’s a perspective of a gamer and what he sees for the future of gaming.

    • Nice post. I agree after this year is out I would be sitting on the fence on whether to buy or not. Mainly because PC gaming has such a variety of titles and it doesn’t rely on AAAs for great games. Steam, GOG and the multitude of others are great which is just one of the many reasons PCs are a much better platform.

    • “Those people wouldn’t buy the game anyway so is not humanly wrong to torrent it. ”

      Its comments like these that are why gaming companies are moving more and more towards consoles.

      If you can’t afford a 52″ television, is the only reasonable answer to go steal it because “Sony won’t miss the money too much anyways”? Its not humanly wrong to steal it because I wouldn’t be able to afford it anyways right?

      That has to be the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard… You don’t steal something because you can’t afford it, you wait until you can and you buy it.

      I can’t even blame gaming companies for adopting DRM tactics anymore because people have brought it upon themselves. Look at sales for games, the console versions ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS sell more, because PC gamers feel like they’re above having to pay for games.

      If you enjoy a game, support the company. I don’t generally buy $60 games because the price is too high, but there are exceptions to the rule for me. GTAV is obviously a game that could give me my money’s worth for $60, the same was true for Skyrim.

      I’m going to want to wait until a PC release as well, but for the love of god people, actually BUY the game so that the companies won’t regret putting it out for PC.

      • Stealing a TV is stealing a “Limited” product, software can be reproduced constantly so they aren’t technically losing anything to it to the people who wouldn’t buy it anyway. Also in theory, it is legal to copy a game and send it out onto the internet, you’re not selling it, thus you gain no profit, reproducing a product you bought to give to others for free is not illegal and certainly not immoral.

        • Pirating is a problem on PC but since Steam made a lot of games affordable it has been less of an issue. Gabe Newell said himself that his business is only increasing in profits every year. Steam deals are amazing and I have bought 10 games for the price of one. That said, GTA’s market is the generation from the 90’s. Mostly people in their late 20’s early 30’s. Knowing this demographic, Rockstar should not have an issue selling the game on Steam from beginning. It’s theoretical but I think they would have made at least another 100 million in PC sales through Steam.

        • You’ve got your terminology wrong here. You can certainly steal something and not physically deprive someone of it. The deprivation aspect is a tort called “trespass to chattels,” and is not criminal. Face it, if you copy software in violation of the terms of the license agreement, you are stealing, you are violating the law and are committing a crime. There is no technical about it. I don’t care if you pirate software or not, but don’t try to justify it to me as being “not illegal and certainly not immoral,” because it is certainly illegal (though maybe not immoral, if you believe people shouldn’t be compensated for their work).

      • this is what i find dumb about company’s with their bitching about torrents. Do you know why i torrent games? because there’s no demo… if they had a demo then id try it and buy it. you know how many games i buy after i torrented them? every single one. there is ALWAYS going to be pirates. those who like me who torrent to try because there’s no fucking demo would probably not torrent if there were demos. the rest who do it because they probably don’t have money or just dont want to pay for it make up the minority. and why should company’s care soooooo much that they get hard ons for DRM which usually ruins the game (Diablo 3 and sim city just to name a couple) when there making obscene amounts of money? GTA V just made 1 BILLION DOLLARS IN 3 DAYS. assuming it cost them around 350 million to make which is about the average nowadays that’s a 700 million dollar profit before the game is even 3 days old. and then the money keeps on coming so why should they care if 10% of people are torrenting there product when a significant number of them are gonna buy it anyways?

    • Also because GTA online is so fleshed out and good, PC gamers will buy GTA5 just to get access to the online. Any PC game that has Multiplayer that is done on dedicated servers hosted by the game company normally do really well because there is no pirated online version.

    • You do know you can hook PCs up to Screens varying in sizes from about 14″ to about 60″ or maybe a projector 120″+ or maybe 3 21″ monitors all running 2560 × 1600, Dont be a gimp all your life

      Currently on 1080p 37″ monitor .. that my PS also hooks up to

    • You’re clueless. I run my PC on my HD TV through HDMI and it plays better than a PS3 or XBOX. Keep buying a shitty console every few years.

    • I think they’ll hold off on the release a bit until after the Next Gen release, simply because that game can be considered a system seller.

  2. quit your god damn moaning and man up you bitches. will this come out on the nintendo wii? (the superior gaming machine)

    • Bro seriously. Nintendo Wii. Nintendo is pathetic, its dried up sack of crap now. I don’t fucking get why they would delay the release on PC its just stupid.

  3. i’m not gonna buy a ps3 now just so i can play this game…same thing with the next gen consoles, i wanna play gta5 on pc with keyboard and mouse. wtf is rockstar doing??

  4. past gta series release on pc after 7 months… maybe gta 5 will be release on pc by april 2014… lets just wait!!

  5. I sure hope that GTA V is released on PC otherwise I’ll never get to enjoy playing it. I’ve played on console’s but I never got good at the controls. Keyboard and Mouse come natural to me. As for the tiny screen comment, any tv with a HDMI input can be hooked to a modern computer. I run a 32 1080p cheapo LCD TV on my computer and it does great. There is no disadvantage of having a gaming computer. You never have to deal with split screen multiplaying, they are less likely to walk off in someone’s sticky fingers, and graphic capabilities are far superior to any console game system. Without computers, there would be no console game systems or games.

    GTA4 was kinda a disappointment to me on the PC. It wasn’t the graphics or the story or the multiplayer, it was the camera. It didn’t follow vehicles very well. It took a while to get used too but eventually it was tolerable. If they do release GTA5, I hope they make it just amazing and no disappointments.

    I have torrented games in the past, most of the call of duty’s actually. I bought COD4 when it came out and it was amazing at the time. I still play it to this day. I also bought COD MW2, which was good but then the online servers just died. So I had a game that I paid alot for and now no one plays it. I torrented the rest of them to play threw the single player and I really haven’t played them since. I was able to play MW3 multiplayer but there was alot of cheats.

  6. If you haven’t noticed, it’s the liberal media like PMSNBC and CNN who pushed the gun control agenda. Keep your stupid political opinions out of it. Why do you morons continuously try to alienate half the country.

  7. the thing is, you can waist time making articles about something that takes months to actually come true or wait till there is actually some news about a PC version.
    assumptions get you nowhere, patience rewards you with plenty of joy.

  8. Rockstar Games would get a lot of money, more than enough to break even from their PC development costs if they bring GTA V to PC properly. Modding, if allowed through Steam workshop or a GTA V Nexus site etc, would also rocket the game to Mars and possbily beyond since $800M console sales took it to space.

  9. GTA V is being developed side by side with the current gen consoles like Max Payne 3 was, there have been clues for this since 2012:

    My bet is the game will be out by November as Next Gen launch title. And it will be an optimized DX11 version, most of the screenshots released by Rockstar aren’t even close to how the game looks on current gen and not photoshopped for sure either. It all depends now on the plan of Rockstar and if they intend to milk consoles even more with DLC or online items.

  10. All I know is that once it comes out I AM PIRATING IT!!! If Rockstar wants to play like this I WILL PIRATE IT!! I don’t care, I bought all the other versions of GTA full price, BUT im going to pirate this one just because rockstar said that, hecl I might even pirate it for XBOX too!!!!! (SO F PISSED)

  11. AHHH Bullshit man I will buy 2 copies of GTA 5 for PC. Just like I did when GTA4 came out. I’m not an asshole who pirates games and ruins the PC version of games for everyone else.

    Little fucking snot nosed kids who pirate games needs to go back to console and stay the fuck off PCs. Most of us will put the Cash out to BUY GTA 5
    Only a few will pirate it

    I PAY CASH!!!


  12. People griping about PC Gamers using torrents is no different from downloading the same game for PS3 off server links from PS3ISO.COM. If you have a PS3, most can be easily jailbroken if firmware is 3.55 or lower. Then you install multiman to play pirated games. No difference. Regardless if it is X-Box 360, PS3, or Gaming PC there will always be ways to beat copy protection. I have participated in this myself. Is it ethical or morally right? NO. I fall under the first reply as being low income so yes I do buy games that I plan ahead for. I support games that I want to see more of and give credit where it is deserved. Games I pirated I played a few times then got bored then erased off my hard drive. So why would I buy $60 game not knowing if I will be satisfied with it? I buy games and support developers for making superior games. The crap ones I don’t. No moral high ground. Basically just where you want your money to go.

  13. Well put it this way i’ve got a pretty highend pc but purched a ps3 way back in 2008, now when i realy don’t care about graphics i buy it on console, however mainly i still buy ocnsole games as i cba to wiat around hte enhanced pc version of games, which in seriousness at least 50% of the pc remakes are not exactly jaw dropping updates from the console, primarily i believe due to the differences in console and pc coding of the same game.
    Now with the ‘next gen’ consoles being essentially AMD pc’s we won’t have the same issue, so expect a lot more pc games to be released at the same time (that’s if the consoles don’t try monopolise the markets).

  14. now on the topic of piracy i agree with chris, i’m wouldn’t say i’m low income,but i don’t agree with false advertising, this is why with films for example, i watch parts of the cam records then buy/go see the film if it’s decent. giving credit where credit is due.

    I would still do this is I was a billionaire (consumer Darwinism sounds like a fitting term 😛 )

    p.s those shouting shit in caps are bias assholes 🙂

  15. Why are so many PC “Elitists” such pussies? Console gamers have been sitting out the “awesome graphics” for around eight years now, but we don’t bitch and cry, then we get shit for not bitching and crying. We have never, since 2006, had to update our “Outdated Hardware” and we can still play GTA 5. Can a PC gamer say the same? I bet that IF GTA 5 comes out on PCs, More than 2/3 of you will be spending 500+ to be able to play it with a decent frame rate. Where as I’ll be buying a PS4 for 400$, and playing it at 60 FPS with the same looks as on PC. “Master Race” my ass…

  16. I wont pay a dime and would still be able to play gta 5 on my pc 🙂 I just think gaming on a pc is cheaper in the long run and I don’t consider myself as being a part of this Master Race. I at most spend $300 (see where I put my ‘$’ sign?) every 3 years to upgrade my pc, mostly because I feel like it not out of necessity. Sorry Jake, but you just sound like a misinformed butt hurt child.

  17. Piracy is not the issue for pc nowadays,it’s microsoft buying the right to only have games on their console and or games developers point blank refusing to do so,gta5 should have been on steam and other online outlets,and yet it might still be the case,the gta series have been on deal on steam over the last months,is this in wait for the new gta5,i bought the entire collection and played through a few of them to gear me up for gta5,rockstar made a big mistake with red dead redemption and i hope they do not make the same mistake twice,yes there is piracy on pc but these days it’s far safer to use a copy on a console than it is on a pc and online services such as steam promote buying your games.

  18. You are just like all the other console fanboys, the only difference is you dont realise it! The graphics on the PS4 will be comparable to a budget PC of nowadays. The real gaming PC’s will have BETTER graphics and will enjoy 120+fps. Seriously if I could get a dime for every console fanboy that says complete bullshit, would be rich in a second. You just dont understand the difference between a console and a PC. PC is ALWAYS better, everything you can do on a console you can do on a PC. The games you play on your shitty console are made on a PC. PC IS THE MASTER RACE

    • not to mention that the PC is cheaper in the long run, you can always make it more powerful at any time and the PC can handle allot more then any console will ever be able to, even beside games.

  19. Relax dickheads. They’ll port to PC soon, otherwise they’ll lose a shitload of money. BTw my 2 year old PC gaming machine, that was state-of-the-art then, will still be better than the PS5.

  20. I would buy GTA 5 if the PC versions comes out. If PC versions doesn’t come out then there must be something terribly wrong with the executives of this game.

  21. and luckily no one pirates console games, now wake up and go hunt for GTA V xbox and see it was out illegally same time it came to the shops, in some cases before it reached the shops.
    so the manufacturers excuse we wont support PC coz of piracy is lame.
    If they stopped releasing 1 good game and 500 crap games for the same price then maybe more people would buy them. $60 for a game is extortion no matter what it cost to create it. $60 x 20.000.000 is a lot of profit.

  22. If rockstar is going to be a bitch and not release it i could care less then no GTA 5 for the PC, i refuse to buy it on the fucking console with watered down shit!

    • Author is having doubts that GTA V will be released for PC though. I’ve still got all my fingers and toes crossed for the best.

  23. Except we won’t be paying for the game….over and over again with the developer-rip-off of the decade known has DLC for consoles!!!……we’ll already have the complete edition by the time it’s out and either have it BOOTLEGGED AND FREE, or only have to pay a single $60 compared to what the console fan boys pay for DLC + SIMPLE MULTIPLAYER ACCESS every month, nuff said 😛

  24. I have had my computer for nearly 3 and a half years and it costed me about 700 us dollars and I can STILL play 98% of the released games on maximum settings and play it on my HDMI LD TV 80cm screen and I am 100% sure it will run GTA5 with ease, BECAUSE PS3 and XBOX 2 are so old and the companies that make these games cannot make the games better than the system will allow or they will NOT run.So I do not think you know what you are talking about as the reviewers of GTA 5 on console have admitted that the game on console is sometime slow and will loose frame rate. As for you calling us people who think of themselves as elitist ,first you CANNOT upgrade console, PC you can, let me explain it to you in simple terms, it like a car you cannot upgrade and getting a car that you CAN upgrade ,I put a newer/faster parts in it, which one do you think is better? that is not elitist mentality that a fact. Since console technology of the PS3 and Xbox 2 is over 10 years old ,the parts of these systems are old ,less speed, less memory, graphic card are missing the latest programs and algorithms. Lastly what pisses PC gamers is when a great game that came from console to PC and then the companies will do a half arse port and will not push the game to the limit and optimize the performance and then the PC gamers buy a buggy,slow, crashing game, I ask you would you not be pissed off?

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