Championship Manager 3 Review

Back in the mid eighties we all huddled round our little Spectrums and bashed away at the fleshy keys trying to get our favorite team to the top of the league in the popular game of the time, Football Manager. Things have come a long way since then and the Championship Manager series has dominated … Read moreChampionship Manager 3 Review

Colin Mcrae Rally 2 Review

Without a doubt Colin McRae Rally was the most realistic and enjoyable Rally game of recent years, the car handling was superb, the course design was well thought out and the whole game had a real feel of authenticity. So how do you improve on a game that already beats the competition hands-down? Colin McRae … Read moreColin Mcrae Rally 2 Review

Airport Inc Review

Out of the blue a CD pops through the door from Take 2. Thinking “hmm wonder what this could be”, the packet was ravaged open. Inside was a CD for a game called Airport Inc. The name rang a bell but couldn’t pin-point where I had seen it. It then dawned on me that this … Read moreAirport Inc Review

Homeworld Cataclysm Review

You can forget Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. In my opinion the best RTS title of 1999 was Relic’s Homeworld. It offered something totally different for RTS players. While most of the other RTS titles offered only 2D graphics Homeworld gave you a massive and very beautiful fully 3D world to play in also featuring … Read moreHomeworld Cataclysm Review

Air Command 3.0 Review

A few months ago there was a show on TV which took a look at the job of air traffic controller. You may think this sounds a little dull but it proved an excellent insight into the world of aircraft and airports. You will probably never find a job quite as stressful, the pressure these … Read moreAir Command 3.0 Review