X-Plane V6.26 Review

X-Plane by Laminar Research will probably be the first piece of software that I’ve given two grades for. I’m not sure who the “game” is marketed for. X-Plane is probably the most realistic flight sim ever created for the PC. The flight model is top-notched, it’s actually based on the planes aerodynamic configuration. That is … Read moreX-Plane V6.26 Review

Rise of Nations Review

Every once and a while a game comes out that brings a tear to a gamer’s eyes. It may not be totally revolutionary but it perfects the modern concepts of the genre. For strategy fans around the world, your game has arrived.In Rise of Nations players can choose to be any one of eighteen nations. … Read moreRise of Nations Review

Postal 2 Review

Postal 2 goes out of its way to offend and amuse. The horror/humour will be in the brain of the player, but this is definitely an adults-only game. Strange, given that all the jokes are incredibly puerile. Prepare to be shocked, therefore? Not necessarily. For all its brass-necked bravado, Postal 2 is the only first-person … Read morePostal 2 Review


Released in Europe a few months ago, BANDITS: Phoenix Rising has finally made its way onto US shelves treating gamers to some post apocalyptic combat racing action. In BANDITS you play the role Fennec and Rewdalf, part of the or Wolfpack clan who are trapped in the wilderness along with the other unruly clans beyond … Read moreBANDITS Review

Neighbours from h** Review

Coming up with original and new ideas is not an easy task, we’ve had FPS this and RTS that so when something a little different lands on our desks we’re always keen to check it out. JoWood sent along a review copy of their up and coming title Neighbours Form h** and I’m finding it … Read moreNeighbours from h** Review

CSI Crime Scene Investigation Review

Being one of the most successful shows for CBS in primetime, it was only a matter of time before it became a game and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation gives players a chance to experience the action seen on the show every week. The nagging question still remains however; will people not familiar with the TV … Read moreCSI Crime Scene Investigation Review

2006 FIFA World Cup Review

Oooh I’m so excited, the World Cup kicks off in tomorrow! Football widows will be tearing their hair out for 5 weeks while footy fans everywhere stay glued to their sets or get themselves stewed down the local boozer, or in my case try and pre-empt the results with FIFA World Cup 06 from EA. … Read more2006 FIFA World Cup Review

Americas Army Operations Review

The U.S. Army has brought its recruitment strategy up to the standards of the 21st century with its computer game, America’s Army. My biggest fear when I cut open the disk sleeve, was wondering if this game was going to be more recruitment pitch than pure fragging and fortunately, it isn’t. Oh sure, there’s the … Read moreAmericas Army Operations Review

ORB Review

The latest strategy title to hit retail shelves comes from Strategy First who are not only publishing the game but have also had their development studio working on this for a few years. The game in question is their weirdly titled O.R.B, or Off-world resource Base if you want to get specific. A few years … Read moreORB Review

Celtic Kings Review

Age old conflicts between the Gauls, Celts, Teutons and Romans. It’s an old story, but one worth telling in Celtic Kings from Strategy First. Only the most heroic survive, counseled by the most mysterious and magical of druids. Only then can you take back your land and avenge your people. Celtic Kings offers two types … Read moreCeltic Kings Review

Cossacks: Back to War Review

This is a big game. Let me qualify that. Cossacks is huge – “so much to do and so little time” will be a recurring thought while playing, and for two good reasons. Within the game, you have to build up your towns, armies, and economy before the enemy is at the gates. Outside the … Read moreCossacks: Back to War Review

Ghost Recon Island Thunder Review

Island Thunder is thel atest add-on mission pack for Ghost Recon, the tactical first-person shooter from Red Storm. The game is set in the Cuba of the near future, where the first free elections since the death of Fidel Castro are about to be held (Castro is, at the time of writing, still alive and … Read moreGhost Recon Island Thunder Review

The Thing Review

When John Carpenter’s remake of The Thing hit the movie theaters back in the early 80’s, most critics wrote it off as just another gore-fest and this perception was understandable since the special effects tended to get most of the attention. Almost twenty years later, the movie’s gore is no longer a big deal, which … Read moreThe Thing Review