LA Cops Review

By right, LA Cops should be fantastic. Take Hotline Miami, add your own gameplay twists, rejig the setting and art style, and simmer until done. In this case: Hotline Miami, with a partner character you can either order around or directly control, set to a wonderfully cheesy 70s cop theme. That should be fantastic, and … Read moreLA Cops Review

Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Review

Depending on the number of spin-off titles and mobile distractions you include in the count, Assassin’s Creed: Rogue is somewhere between the seventh and twenty-fifth Assassin’s Creed game. Those are numbers which keep the champagne glasses clinking in the boardroom, but they reflect a series struggling to re-invent itself, and one which is finding it … Read moreAssassin’s Creed: Rogue Review

Sid Meier’s Starships Review

Grand Bastard’s log, Earthdate 11 March, 2015: The Eternal Kingdom was really pissing me off. We’d been at loggerheads since we first met; my exploratory fleet was off making friends with planets past their territory, when suddenly, one of the neutral planets behind us pledged themselves to the Eternal Kingdom. My fleet was stuck behind … Read moreSid Meier’s Starships Review

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Review

Warning: This review spoils a few gameplay elements from the final levels of the original game. If you haven’t played the original Hotline Miami, you should go do that before reading this, and not just because it’s excellent. I was about halfway through Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number‘s lurid technicolour death-spree when a thought burrowed … Read moreHotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Review

Cities: Skylines Review

What happened to quality city builders? SimCity was king of the genre, until Maxis (perhaps under duress from EA) decided to change the formula a couple of years ago, resulting in the fifth major SimCity being a thoroughly mediocre experience. More recently there was Cities XXL; but that was effectively a patch for another mediocre … Read moreCities: Skylines Review

Homeworld Remastered Review

There are probably lots of games from the 90s that deserve a “remaster,” to use the term of choice these days. On the other hand, there are games which should probably just be left alone and nostalgically remembered for how good they were. Happily, Homeworld is very much in the genuine classic category. When Gearbox picked up … Read moreHomeworld Remastered Review


Evolve Review

Multiplayer-centric games like Evolve are a bit of a bastard to review. You’re looking at the game right out of the gate (or, in the case of some of my press colleagues who published reviews before the public servers were up, without even waiting to see if the gate opens properly,) and effectively being asked … Read moreEvolve Review

Cities XXL Review

The teeny-tiny cities of EA’s most recent SimCity appear to have sparked an interest in the city building genre among other developers. There are two which come to mind; Colossal Order’s Cities: Skylines, the recently released Cities XXL from Focus. The original Cities XL was heavily criticised for a few things, the main one being … Read moreCities XXL Review

Apotheon Review

As even the most casual student of mythology knows, the Ancient Greek gods could be a spiteful, arrogant, and jealous bunch. Like spoiled superheroes, they often used their powers to fuck with humanity (both figuratively and literally) and then had the chutzpah to expect continual praise for providing basic services like “making sure the oceans … Read moreApotheon Review

Life is Strange Episode 1 Review

Prior to Life is Strange, DONTNOD’s only title was Remember Me, an unremarkable third-person brawler. Except calling it “unremarkable” is a bit unfair: while the face-punching was dull, it was buoyed up by an interesting plot, excellent art design, and superb little end-of-level sections that had you tinkering with people’s memories, forcing scenarios to play … Read moreLife is Strange Episode 1 Review

Pix the Cat Review

I have played Pix the Cat a lot. Not so much on PC, I admit, but on a certain handheld system that shall go unnamed here. As a score-chasing arcade game, it’s pretty much perfect for systems like that – but if you’re after something that you can play on PC in short bursts in … Read morePix the Cat Review

Grey Goo Review

Petroglyph has been striving to create a new top-notch RTS for a while. Members of the team have worked on top sellers such as Command & Conquer, which I think everyone will agree is a classic. The company had the misfortune of having End of Nations pulled away from them by Trion (the game was … Read moreGrey Goo Review