State of Decay Review

This State of Decay review is dedicated to Marcus Campbell. He was with me from the very start, bashing in zombie heads and doing supply runs at midnight no matter how fatigued he felt or how many other people were just standing around doing nothing. He’d put himself out there for anyone, solving building issues … Read moreState of Decay Review

Contrast Review

I’m going to try to talk Paul and Peter into instituting a new rule. I call it the Giant Spider Rule. If your game contains a giant spider for absolutely no good reason, the game’s score goes down (because everyone knows that the score is the most important thing about any review). Lord of the … Read moreContrast Review

Deadfall Adventures Review

Deadfall Adventures bills itself as an homage to the pulp action-adventure stories found in the magazines of the 1920s to 1950s. ‘Pulp’ is often used as a pejorative term, but the publications spanned multiple genres and produced their fair share of definitive characters. The detective branch gave us Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe, while Indiana Jones … Read moreDeadfall Adventures Review

Call of Duty: Ghosts Review

There is a point very early on in Call of Duty: Ghosts – less than five minutes in – which sums up this port quite nicely. It’s one of the series’ inevitable Giant Setpieces: your character is sat on the ground talking to his father and his brother, and then everything goes tits up. The … Read moreCall of Duty: Ghosts Review

Football Manager 2014 Review

Forget all the local derbies, ‘clasicos’ and rivalries for a second. In its last few installments, Words vs Numbers has been Football Manager’s most fascinating match. It’s a dichotomy born of the game’s near-impossible need to provide an objective, statistical framework to recreate a world of chance, psychology and human error. The degree to which … Read moreFootball Manager 2014 Review

Battlefield 4 Review

I don’t quite know how to review Battlefield 4. I definitely don’t know how to score it. The problem is that, although it’s generally a rather enjoyable game, it’s got problems. Lots of problems. And that makes this hard. Tell you what. Let’s start with the one thing that a grand total of six people … Read moreBattlefield 4 Review

Batman: Arkham Origins review

People were worried. They were worried that with Rocksteady off development duties, the latest Arkham game wouldn’t be much cop. They were worried that WB Games Montreal wouldn’t be up to the task. It turns out they were justifiably worried, but not necessarily for the reasons you’d expect. For the most part, Batman: Arkham Origins … Read moreBatman: Arkham Origins review


Smugglers 5 Review

We get inundated with PC review code here at IncGamers, and the sad fact is that we can’t look at all of it. If our writing staff were to be described by a dubious estate agent, they would probably toss around terms like “boutique” and “compact.” In other words, small. That means no matter how … Read moreSmugglers 5 Review

Rocksmith 2014 Review

I don’t know whether to call it the Curse of Ubisoft (because – while catchy – that name implies it’s a bad thing), but Rocksmith 2014 is the latest game to feature whatever I decide to name it. This is Ubisoft’s habit of releasing a game with a whole lot of potential, and then releasing … Read moreRocksmith 2014 Review


FIFA 14 PC Review

You can tell just how confident EA Sports are about their position in the football videogame hierarchy by the astonishingly grandiose video which serves as FIFA 14’s introduction. In it, Patrick Stewart solemnly intones a sub-Shakespearean verse that even the Sky Sports’ Super Spectacular And Totally Meaningful Sunday crew might find a bit over the … Read moreFIFA 14 PC Review

F1 2013 Review

Final race diary of Bruno PuntzJones (deceased.) Lap One: The grid. That’s where F1 2013 truly starts. Qualification orders the contenders, but the race will make them. My name is Bruno PuntzJones. I’m a full-time Formula One racer and erstwhile Kids in the Hall sketch character. One month ago I was plucked from obscurity and dropped … Read moreF1 2013 Review