Rainbow Six Siege - 01

Look at the reflection in that helmet! This clearly deserves our best game of post-E3 award, which I’ve just made up because Rainbow Six: Siege is so good it even gets awards that aren’t real.

Today, it’s Rainbow Six: Siege‘s turn on Ubisoft’s trailer treadmill, and this trailer intersperses plenty of game footage with press plaudits.

Despite being called an “E3 Awards” trailer, don’t be fooled: it actually has more in the way of gameplay footage than it does press quotes. That said, those press quotes are lots of BEST PC GAME and BEST GAME OF E3 EVER and BEST GAME EVER MADE EVER and THIS GAME COULDN’T BE MORE AMAZING IF IT SHAT OUT MONEY. Alas, we at IncGamers have been snubbed once again. I guess “I imagine it’ll be a bit less fun with randoms online” wasn’t hyperbolic enough to be quoted in the trailer.

If you want to see more of Ubi’s asymmetrical multiplayer shooter thing, they’ll be hosting a live multiplayer session of Rainbow Six: Siege at 8pm CET, which I believe is 7pm UK time. You can go and watch that over at www.twitch.tv/Ubisoft if you fancy a closer, lengthier look at the game, which probably won’t be interspersed with completely insane glorifications.

Rainbow Six: Siege is due out in 2015, and even though I haven’t played it I can tell you it’s absolutely going to be the best game ever made and no game will ever look nicer or be cleverer or have better explosions. Ever.

Tim McDonald


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