Grid Autosport Preview

It’s difficult to frame Grid Autosport as anything other than an attempted Codemasters apology to the Grid fans who didn’t appreciate the drift-happy antics of Grid 2. While that sequel’s looser, more arcade-focused approach was perfectly legitimate, it seemed strange to put the Grid badge on it when it handled so differently. For Grid Autosport, … Read moreGrid Autosport Preview

Endless Legend Early Access Preview

Such is the dizzying nostalgia high generated by Master of Orion II, most ‘4X’ strategy games find themselves confined to space. A lot of those titles are doomed to chase a decaying dream with tragic inevitability, but a few do manage to squeeze out from under Orion’s shadow and create their own intergalactic 4X niche. … Read moreEndless Legend Early Access Preview

Chaos Reborn Preview

The original Chaos was a game that sucked up huge amounts of my childhood. I probably should’ve been busy smoking or taking my first steps towards cultivating some kind of marketable skills, but instead I was summoning wraiths and manticores thanks to a Your Sinclair cover-tape freebie. The same magazine had also given away Rebelstar, … Read moreChaos Reborn Preview


Trials Fusion Beta Preview

How did it get this close to the Trials Fusion release date without me realising this edition is set in the future? That’ll teach me not to pay enough attention to things. Luckily, this beta made matters very clear by opening with an anthemic “Welcome to the Future” tune and a splash screen of a … Read moreTrials Fusion Beta Preview

Nosgoth Preview

Not to be confused with some sort of Swedish death metal band, Nosgoth is the upcoming third-person online free to play vampire versus human game from Psyonix and Square. It’s also set in the Legacy of Kain universe, hence the name Nosgoth. So that’s at least something for fans of that series. The game is … Read moreNosgoth Preview

Vertiginous Golf Early Access Preview

If the citizens of BioShock Infinite’s Columbia and the aristocrats from Dishonored were to hold some kind of sporting contest, Vertiginous Golf is probably what they’d end up playing. Mini golf is undeniably great (even in the rain,) but physical courses are limited by scale and those pesky laws of reality. Kinelco and Lone Elk … Read moreVertiginous Golf Early Access Preview

Dead State Early Access Preview

To state the bleeding, shambling and rotting-ly obvious, Dead State isn’t finished yet. The build available through Steam’s Early Access system right now lets you play through just the first seven days of the game, with the final version said to span months. Early Access titles seem to come in all forms, from those that … Read moreDead State Early Access Preview

Age of Wonders 3 Preview

Update: Triumph Studios have mentioned that they’re looking for an alternate system for the Play by Email mode, so this won’t be supported at launch. Playing over LAN’s aren’ supported but still possible like the previous series and an Internet connection is required to initiate multiplayer. It’s been a while since our Age of Wonders … Read moreAge of Wonders 3 Preview

Cloudbuilt Preview

The first time I tried out Cloudbuilt, I was really tired. That was a mistake. Tiredness and Cloudbuilt mix like Marxists at the Goldman Sachs Annual Disco; with anger, confusion and the potential for property damage. Don’t do it. Not only did the tiredness make me far more irritable towards the game than was strictly … Read moreCloudbuilt Preview