FIFA 15 PC Demo Impressions

I’ve put a few hours into the PC demo of FIFA 15 this afternoon, which as well as being a fairly pleasant way to spend time at work means I can now tell you what I think of this first Ignite Engine powered effort on our platform of choice. Let’s start with something simple: the … Read moreFIFA 15 PC Demo Impressions

Invisible, Inc. Early Access Preview

Oh, games. If games were named according to my skill level – and that would be a very weird and very difficult naming convention to enforce, I grant you, but bear with me here – this would not be called Invisible, Inc. It would be called Highly Visible, Incredibly Incompetent, Repeatedly Riddled with Bullets, Inc. … Read moreInvisible, Inc. Early Access Preview

Lords of Xulima Early Access Preview

Years and years ago, I spent an inordinate amount of time playing wonky shareware RPGs. These were things like The Chronicles of Aethra, which weren’t necessarily the most balanced or well-designed of games, but which were nonetheless huge and expressive works of love. They swept you past all of the problems with an enthusiastic cry … Read moreLords of Xulima Early Access Preview

The Crew Preview

Tim McDonald: Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world driving game, The Crew, had a closed beta last week. I played it for a few hours. Peter (Parrish), my regular foil, also played it for a few hours. Now that we’ve both played it for a few hours, we intend to give you impressions. For the uninitiated, The Crew … Read moreThe Crew Preview

Cloud Chamber Preview

I’ve spent a couple of hours tooling around in Cloud Chamber, and that time has been dominated by one question. It’s not one of the questions the developers likely expected me to be asking – it’s not “Was Ingrid murdered,” or “What is the signal” – but then, it’s also not a question a lot … Read moreCloud Chamber Preview


Wasteland 2 Beta Impressions

I was one of the 32,781 people to woft $15.00 USD gently in the direction of Wasteland 2 when it first showed up on Kickstarter, which means I’ve now got access to the game’s beta build. Earlier this month, InXile opened it up to everybody who’d backed the title at any level. Which was jolly … Read moreWasteland 2 Beta Impressions

Hazard Ops Beta Impressions

Hazard Ops is the latest free-to-play third person shooter to hit the world of PC gaming, developed by Yingpei Games (previously Epic Games China) and running on the ever-resilient Unreal Engine. It’s currently in beta testing here in Europe through EU publisher Infernum. Set in the 21st Century, the game pits a money grabbing power … Read moreHazard Ops Beta Impressions