PES 2015 PC Demo Impressions

I’ve been pretty curious about what sort of strange hybrid version of PES 2015 would be appearing on PC since Konami admitted that the platform would be getting a somewhat downgraded version. By the company’s own accounts, PC PES 2015 should play the same as the PS4 version (which is really what matters,) but for … Read morePES 2015 PC Demo Impressions

Assassin’s Creed: Unity PC Port Impressions – Minimum Specs Edition

Welcome to a slightly unusual IncGamers PC port impressions article. Why unusual? Well, because Assassin’s Creed: Unity has the dubious distinction of being the first game where my aging machine is actually slightly outside the stated minimum requirements. Combine that with the fact that even some people who own PCs which massively exceed the recommended … Read moreAssassin’s Creed: Unity PC Port Impressions – Minimum Specs Edition

The Flock Alpha Impressions

While everyone else seemed to be delving into Evolve over the weekend, some of us opted to try a different asynchronous multiplayer title: Vogelsap’s The Flock. Unlike Turtle Rock’s title, The Flock‘s alpha session is currently closed to most players; but IncGamers was granted access for some early impressions. We’ve been watching this game for … Read moreThe Flock Alpha Impressions

Evolve Alpha Impressions

This is the second time I’ve been galavanting about inside Turtle Rock’s Evolve, but the first where I’ve actually been able to write about it. Last time, 2K splashed multiple watermarks all over the screen and said nobody could discuss anything. This time there’s only one watermark and I’m not gagged, so that’s already an … Read moreEvolve Alpha Impressions