StarDrive 2 Preview

I write this introduction from amidst the ashes of my StarDrive 2 empire. A coup, financed by war-happy industrialists, has crippled the productive heart of my young space colonies. History will puzzle over my hiring of a dapper elephant as my chief scientist, and perhaps question the choice to siphon off precious resources into the … Read moreStarDrive 2 Preview

Republique Remastered Preview

Quick warning: this is probably going to resemble a Port Impressions piece more than an actual preview. See, Republique is technically a phone game, and no come back it’s not like that. The Kickstarter was for both the phone game and a PC port, and early on, the mobile version took precedence. The PC version … Read moreRepublique Remastered Preview

Sunset Preview

The indirect star of Tale of Tale’s Sunset is its elegant 1970s penthouse apartment setting. Games which portray their living spaces as, well, lived in, are always welcome around my hard-drive. The well-stocked kitchens, top floor bedrooms and architectural sensibilities behind the mansions in games like Thief: The Dark Project create a stronger sense of … Read moreSunset Preview

Homeworld Remastered Preview

When Gearbox picked up the Homeworld IP from the now defunct THQ we were a little surprised. At the same time, there was a sense of optimism about the possibility of the IP making a comeback. The first Homeworld was released way back in 1999 and I’ll admit I have attempted to fire it up … Read moreHomeworld Remastered Preview

The Escapists Early Access Impressions

I’m rubbish at escaping from prisons. If I’d been in The Shawshank Redemption, that film would’ve just been ten minutes of me fumbling to hide contraband during a cell search, followed by a two hour solitary confinement montage. And then maybe Morgan Freeman saying something wise and profound just before the credits. The Escapists, detained … Read moreThe Escapists Early Access Impressions

IncGamers Plays Dying Light

Following on from our written Dying Light preview, we’ve got 20 minutes of footage captured from the doomed city of Harran. Watch as Tim prays both that his unplanned excursion will lead to something interesting, and that FRAPS won’t conk out on him this time. Fortunately, both of these prayers are answered! Well, mostly. There … Read moreIncGamers Plays Dying Light

Dying Light Preview

Having now played Dying Light, I have my suspicions as to the initial design. I’m starting to believe that Techland is made up of parents with young children, and they really, really want to create a game all about why you have to get home before dark. Seriously. If you have children of your own, … Read moreDying Light Preview

The Crew PC Port Impressions

As you may have already heard, Ubisoft decided to withhold review copies of The Crew from professional outlets until the day before launch. Release day is 2 December, so, as you can imagine, this piece is not a full review. Doing a review this early would result in incredible insights such as “The Crew has … Read moreThe Crew PC Port Impressions