Dawn of War II: Retribution Preview

Expansion packs for RTS titles are a difficult trick to get right.  The problem is that, perhaps more than any other genre, the RTS genre relies on careful, precise balancing to create a good experience both online and off.  Therefore, tinkering with the mechanics, adding new factions and/or changing the rules must be done with … Read moreDawn of War II: Retribution Preview

Escape from Paradise City Preview

Sirius’ Escape from Paradise City has just been completed and so expect the final product to be very similar (if not the same as) the preview code I got to test run.At its core Escape from Paradise City is an unusual mix of the role-playing and real time strategy genres, yet this combination does suit … Read moreEscape from Paradise City Preview

Tabula Rasa Preview

“MMOs are all the same,” they said.”Everyone keeps copying WoW,” they said.”Why doesn’t anyone try anything new?” they said.Well now someone has. That person is Richard Garriot who, more than anyone else, is the father of the modern MMO. Richard Garriot is an innovator; he brought us Ultima Online, and he gave us the MMO … Read moreTabula Rasa Preview

Battlefield 2 Community Day Report

IncGamers was fortunate enough to be invited to another EA Community Day at the company’s Redwood Shores corporate headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area. This time the event was for Battlefield 2, the follow-up to EA’s popular team military shooter, Battlefield 1942. The community day was a bit different this time around since it … Read moreBattlefield 2 Community Day Report

Y-Project ECTS 2002 Report

A hot spot of the ECTS show floor was the developer’s pavilion sponsored by AMD. Nestling in the middle of a various stand positions were Westka Interactive who some of you may know from our previous interview we conducted on Loadedinc. We met up with Westka’s Christoph Kebelitz to find out what the Westka team … Read moreY-Project ECTS 2002 Report

BANDITS ECTS 2002 Report

The first appointment of this year’s ECTS took us over to see GRIN and their action title BANDITS on the PC. Over the past few weeks there’s been quite a bit about on game popping up around the Internet and with good reason, this is a title that not only looks amazing but should appeal … Read moreBANDITS ECTS 2002 Report

Gothic 3 Preview

As you may know, a couple of months ago Loaded Inc was invited to Vienna for a presentation by the game developers Piranha Bites and 4head Studios. Our intrepid reporter had a rather ‘unique’ experience on the trip and if you haven’t already read about it you can do so here. The trip wasn’t just … Read moreGothic 3 Preview

Throne of Darkness Review

One of the greatest gaming phenomenon has to be the Diablo series from Blizzard, Diablo II sold by the truck-load as has the expansion pack Lord of Destruction. So does that leave room for a new action RPG? Well the guys at Click Entertainment seem to think so, which is not surprising as some of … Read moreThrone of Darkness Review