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PC Invasion Poll: Overused E3 2015 Phrases

PC Invasion Poll: Overused E3 2015 Phrases

This week’s PC Invasion poll has, of course, an E3 2015 theme. But rather than just ask “oo, which game are you looking forward to?” like a super obvious poll would do, we’re instead taking predictions on which terms and phrases will be most abused at this year’s event.

We’ve compiled the six we think are most likely to make multiple appearances. And, with a massive eight press conferences scheduled this year, there’ll be even more opportunities for bored-looking men in suits to use them without a trace of irony.

Will the ever-popular “Epic” or “Visceral” be on the tips of every executive tongue this year? Or will “[PRODUCT X] changes everything” storm to the top of the meaningless buzz-phrase charts?

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“I’m excited/thrilled/delighted to announce …” is always a safe bet. Always in conjunction with the speaker looking anything but. As is “We can’t wait to show you more” (even though waiting to show us more is precisely what they’re doing most of the time.)

Or perhaps you’ll opt for “And with this game’s companion app …” as your choice.

The PC Invasion team will be keeping a close eye on all of the E3 2015 press conferences, so we’ll do our best to provide a definitive answer on which phrase really was used the most. It probably won’t be terribly scientific, but we’ll do our best.

You can cast your vote below, or in the bottom-left column of the site (where our polls reside.) If you have a preferred phrase that isn’t available as an option, feel free to suggest it in a comment instead.

The most overused term or phrase at E3 2015 will be ...


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  1. this is for me:
    “wiht power of next gen”

  2. AWESOME. How did you miss ‘awesome’, that’s like their go-to word for everything, Blizzard are notorious for using it for example.

  3. avatar TonySoprano | June 14, 2015 at 12:39 pm |

    nice poll :)))

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