Blizzard has used PAX East to announce that a beta for their multiplayer shooter title Overwatch will begin sometime this Autumn, or Fall, if you prefer. They’ve also revealed a pair of new characters for the game: Zarya and McCree.

The former is pictured above in all her muscular Russian glory, and has a beam-like particle cannon with an alt-fire grenade launcher. She can also pop up a protective particle barrier, or defend someone else with a projected barrier. What looks most entertaining, though, is her Graviton Surge ability. This apparently creates a mini gravity pocket, temporarily sucking all the enemies towards one point (and creating a lovely target for Zarya or a fellow teammate.)

Here’s a new Overwatch gameplay video of all those powers being demonstrated.

McCree, meanwhile, is a The Good, The Bad and The Ugly style gunslinger. His main ‘Peacekeeper’ attack is a classic six-shooter, with the alt-fire fanning the magazine in rapid fashion. He can do a combat roll dodge move, and has access to flashbangs which will stun opponents and line them up for an introduction to Mr and Mrs Bullets.

The special ‘Deadeye’ ability seems to let McCree line up multiple targets for a quick execution. You can see all of this in the Overwatch gameplay video below.

Peter Parrish

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  1. Eh, I’ll skip this one. Look’s too vanilla and safe.

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