Not a Hero’s launch trailer is spankingly wonderful

Not a Hero’s launch trailer is spankingly wonderful

It’s rare for me to see a launch trailer and go “this is something the public really should shoot into their eye holes”, but Not a Hero has managed it.

Not a Hero‘s launch trailer is out now, and you should absolutely shoot it directly into your eyeballs, because it’s manic, over-the-top, does a decent job of explaining the game, and is really rather good. Or possibly just watch it, which might be the safer and more sensible option.

Not that this is a safe or sensible game, what with it being a 2.5D (or 2.25D, as the trailer claims) cover-shooter in which you unleash horrific bullet murder on lots of criminals in order to get a purple rabbit democratically elected. You can give it a look below.

Not a Hero is out today (possibly even right now) via the usual digital distribution suspects. I reviewed it a couple of hours ago, and found it to be thoroughly enjoyable.

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