Though it was already kind of implied that No Man’s Sky was coming to PC as well as PS4, it wasn’t actually confirmed – until this evening, anyway.

Sean Murray has appeared on the PC Gaming Show and said that yes, indeed, the game will come to the PC as well. He also repeated the information that a release date announcement is coming “soon.” The date reveal was planned for E3, he says, but for various unspoken reasons didn’t actually happen (presumably because Hello Games need more time to work on it.)

Whenever that date is, it’ll be a simultaneous release on PC and PS4. No timed exclusive stuff here.

Nothing much in the way of new No Man’s Sky information beyond that, really. It’s still confirmed as massive, sandboxy, inspired by titles like Elite, and based around exploration. Basically the same kind of stuff talked about at the Sony event.

Still, it’s coming to PC. That’s official now.

Peter Parrish

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  1. I bought the ps4 for this as I want to play it a lot ,because my pc is connected to our telly ,and my girlfriend would not like it all me on no mans sky all the time I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful game.

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