Square Enix and IO Interactive have announced the new Hitman game, which is called… Hitman.

Okay, look, I know numbers are hard, but can we stop giving games names that are shorter than all of their predecessors? Hitman: Codename 47, then Silent Assassin, then Contracts, then Blood Money, then Absolution, then… Hitman. Which of those sound like the 6th game in the series, hmm?

Ahem. I digress.

There’s not much in the way of details; the announcement came via a CG trailer that had 47 running through the snow, interspersed with shots of what were presumably potential targets and locations in which 47 will find himself. And then we discovered it was called Hitman.

I’d imagine we’ll find out more about the game¬†tomorrow, during Square Enix’s conference. For now, you can see the trailer below.

Tim McDonald


  1. I’d rather the money they spent on this trailer which shows no gameplay at all had of been spent on making the gameplay better or the AI better or Q&A.

  2. I am excited, I loved Absolution and if they manage to open it up a little more in this one, it would be great. Though the Absolution trailer got me more pumped than this one.

    P.S. Ok, I am not sure but did 47 always have blue eyes??

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