Need for Speed offers cars, rubbish music

Need for Speed offers cars, rubbish music

EA’s E3 2015 conference has given us a look at the upcoming Need for Speed reboot.

Other than what looks like live-action cutscenes, which should be hilarious in their own right, Need for Speed‘s big thing seems to be built on five principles: Speed, Style, Build, Crew, and Outlaw. Doing things related to any of these ideals nets you Reputation, which seems to be your in-game experience. Or possibly currency. I’m not quite sure.

Speed is all about, well, speed: driving fast and driving dangerously. Style gets you points for sliding, jumping, and drifting. Build is all about how you car looks, sounds, and drives. Crew gets you points for driving with your buddies and managing to not destroy each other when driving at high speeds near each other. Finally, Outlaw nets you points for outwitting and outrunning the police.

This, I do like. It’s not a novel idea that doing basically anything in the game earns you rewards – Outrun 2006 famously did something similar, where pretty much just playing the game would always unlock something – but it’s always good to see.

Need for Speed is a very customisation heavy game, with performance tuning and all sorts of after-market parts available for your vehicles, along with plenty of sliders and whatnot to make sure it’s the perfect colour. Just remember: red ones go faster.

Need for Speed is due out on 3 November. We’ll update this story with a trailer/gameplay footage as soon as they appear.

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