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Latest Totem VR headset prototype rolls off the printer

It’s been a few weeks since the last piece of Totem news but True Player Gear have been hard at work on their VR headset.

This week they produced their latest prototype of the headset and ported the head tracking code to this new version. They’ve also been busy sorting out pre-order planning before a Kickstarter launch this summer.

The latest prototype was 3D printed and this is how it now looks…

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TPG are also now polling gamers to pick a “codename” name for the Totem. The original name is still in the running but they’re also looking at a few more. So far the list includes:

  • Totem
  • Portal
  • Taku
  • Photon
  • Link
  • VoiR

If you fancy adding your vote you can do so via this poll. Engineering and production appears to be gathering pace and it was recently demoed to  Le Journal Techno. The show will be available this Friday at 10PM on channel V in Quebec.

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  1. I suggest the codename BullShit2014

    • So you are that narrow minded you can not wait for Friday before posting this bullcrap ?

      • Turns out I was right and you were just another fool buying the bullsh!t these guys are peddling.

        How does it feel to be the idiot they are selling their fake headset to?

        • the best part of the show? the stupid reporter and that idiot bertrand both holding the brinted shell up to there face and looking around simulating a vr experience…lolol…no components inside, no data cable, and they pertend they are experiencing vr…lolololololol…perfect for a fool like you darker seventy.

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