The Early Access version of Killing Floor 2 has just received a hefty content patch, offering a new map, an item hunt, and a couple of new characters, alongside the expected bug fixes and more general improvements.

The map is Volter Manor, a “modern fortress” set against a Swiss cliffside, which will hopefully provide a nice new location for your ludicrously bloody zombie-slaying. I mean, we’ve had Paris and lab in a snow-covered mountain, so why not a lovely manor near the cliffs, eh? Although judging by the screenshots it’s less a lovely manor near the cliffs and more a horrifying death lab, but hey, this is Killing Floor 2.

The two new characters are only available as a loyalty bonus, which means you’ll only get them if you have the original Killing Floor in your Steam library, but that doesn’t really bother me. Firstly, I think almost everyone must own it by now considering how many sales it’s been in, and secondly, the characters are Classic Briar and Classic Masterson (complete with their original voice actors) which probably doesn’t mean much to those who’ve just dived into Killing Floor 2.

The final new “thing” is item hunts. Collectible items are now in all four maps, with eight new achievements related to them. Good reason to explore the locales and focus on more than just encroaching Zeds, I guess.

That aside, there are a smattering of bug fixes and improvements. Biotics Lab, Burning Paris and Outpost have all received some fixes to both cosmetic issues and exploits, a few bugs have been fixed and interactions adjusted, and voice comms now select on close instead of requiring a click. Huzzah.

The patch should be live now. You can see some screens from Volter Manor below, if you need something to do while it downloads.

Tim McDonald


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