Cold War Interview

Following last week’s announcement of Mindware Studios’ new action title Cold War, we pinned down members of Mindware’s development team to find out about the concept behind the game, the game engine and more. Could you tell us about Mindware and the team working on Cold War? Karel Papik: Mindware Studios was founded about a … Read moreCold War Interview

Warhammer Online Q&A

As part of the on-going development of Warhammer Online, the MMORPG from Climax Entertainement, we have the latest Q&A sessions with the development team, in particular Executive Producer at Climax Matt Sansam and Robin Dews General Manager – Warhammer Online.How did Warhammer Online originate?RobinThe idea behind Warhammer Online started out as a random conversation between … Read moreWarhammer Online Q&A

Time of Defiance Interview

We recently had the chance to catch up with Ben Simpson, Creative Director at Nicely Crafted Entertainment to discover more about their up and coming MMORTS title Time of Defiance,. The game is still in Beta testing and is due to go live in August.Can you tell us a bit about Nicely Crafted, the development … Read moreTime of Defiance Interview

Smokin Barrels Interview

We were able to link up with Andrew Seeberger, Development Director at Bungarra Software to find out more about the Perth, Australia-based company and it’s extreme surfing game, currently codenamed Smokin’ Barrels. Andrew talks about the origin of the company and why they scrapped their development of a traditional surfing game to go with a … Read moreSmokin Barrels Interview

Command and Conquer Generals Interview

What is the basic storyline for Generals? We’ve reinvented the Command & Conquer franchise with Generals, with a brand new storyline, units and tactics that have all been inspired by the technologies and ideologies of today’s tumultuous world. Generals spans between present day and 20 years into the future, and offers up a metaphor for … Read moreCommand and Conquer Generals Interview

UFO Aftermath Interview

The UFO series of titles have been popular for many years and we still have fond memories of being slumped over the keyboard playing into the early hours . Gamers can now rejoice as the series is set to return courtesy of ALTAR Interactive and their up and coming title UFO: Aftermath. We recently caught … Read moreUFO Aftermath Interview

IGI2 Covert Strike Interview

Loadedinc was able to link up with Henning Rokling, Managing Director of Innerloop for some of his thoughts on their upcoming sequel to I’m Going In, IGI2: Covert Strike. We asked Mr. Rokling some questions about Innerloop’s first I’m Going In (Project IGI) game and what we should expect from IGI2: Covert Strike. As you … Read moreIGI2 Covert Strike Interview

The Shadow of Zorro Interview

The French developer, In Utero provided us a Q&A session with Guillaume Eleurd, the scriptwriter of their upcoming Playstation 2 action-adventure game, The Shadow of Zorro. The Shadow of Zorro will be published by Cryo in Europe and by Dreamcatcher Games in the U.S. The game is scheduled for release in Europe on February 8th … Read moreThe Shadow of Zorro Interview

Dune Generations Interview

The following are questions answered by Philippe Baude who’s a developer working on Cryo’s Dune Generations project.How long have you been working for Cryo?I began working for Cryo in April 2000. At first, I worked on Versailles II, and then I got involved in the Dune project, which was at the time led by Nicolas … Read moreDune Generations Interview

Stuntman Q&A

Creators of Driver, Reflections, have been busy working away on a new title for the PS2 called Stuntman which due next year. To keep everyone up to date they have released this short Q&A on the game’s progress. What’s the status? We are now at the stage that we are able to start adding in … Read moreStuntman Q&A

Midway Naval Battles Interview

A couple of weeks ago Hungarian developer Mithis announced a new 3D tactical/strategy title called Midway: Naval Battles where players will be able to take control of the mighty American, English, German and Japanese fleets. The game promises to bring the historical sea battles of WWII to our PC screens. With the game still quite … Read moreMidway Naval Battles Interview

Armalion Interview

A little while back we were pointed in the direction of a website called, Intrigued we dropped over and took a look only to be amazed at a game that has had relatively little coverage online. Armalion is an up and coming RPG/RTS title from German developers Ikarion and we caught up with Ralph … Read moreArmalion Interview

Kill Switch Inteview

We managed to catch up with the legendary Bitmap Brothers team who were responsible for such classics as Speedball and the Chaos Engine to find out more about the PC port of Namco’s Kill.Switch. With the console ports having already received much praise we think this is one title PC gamers should keep their eyes … Read moreKill Switch Inteview

Command and Conquer Renegade Interview

LoadedInc was fortunate enough to catch up with Dan Cermak, Producer of Westwood’s upcoming C&C based first-person shooter, Renegade. We’ve been looking forward to Dan’s feedback on Westwood’s jump into the world of FPS with the famed RTS franchise, Command & Conquer so let’s advance.What has been the biggest challenge in trying to faithfully transfer … Read moreCommand and Conquer Renegade Interview

Faces of War Interview

Bestway Director Dmitriy Morozov gives the low-down on the multiplayer modes featured in their strategy title Faces of War.Could you give us a brief description of Faces of War’s multiplayer? Faces of War multiplayer gives players an opportunity to fight against not well organized AI forces, but against a human being and this will be … Read moreFaces of War Interview