Sim City Ocean Quigley Interview

Ahead of next week’s launch, earlier today we caught up with Maxis’ Creative Director Ocean Quigley to find out more about the game, its development, the future, the DRM debate, what to expect next week and how he manages to groom such a manly moustache. This week Will Wright has been discussing his thoughts on … Read moreSim City Ocean Quigley Interview

Torchlight II mod spotlight – Theolentist class by OedipusTex

Hey guys, welcome to the second part of our Torchlight II mod spotlight series! Previously we talked with the SynergiesMOD team, please check it out if you haven’t already done so. This time we got in touch with OedipusTex who shows us his work within the Torchlight II modding community, particularly about his interesting Theolentist class.

Theolentist class from OedipusTex

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SynergiesMOD team interview

A fresh overhaul, a total conversion, Salan’s SynergiesMOD provides new Necromancer, Paladin and Warlock(WIP) classes loaded with passives and skills, a new town, higher tier weapons and armour, more pets, more inventory space, quests, PvP dungeon, crafting legendary armour and even new world bosses to take on and more! It really is an mod awesome to check out, so we asked Salan, Epoch and Kelintor to give their thoughts behind SynergiesMOD and Torchlight 2 in general.

So let’s kick off with some background info…

Incgamers: How did it all start? What inspired you to think, okay, this is what I’m going to make?

Salan: I loved Torchlight 1 even though I wasn’t very active with it, I’m not a fan of single player games and I love a good challenge in Action RPGS. When they announced Torchlight 2 and said it would be multiplayer I decided right then at that announcement that I would make a MOD for that game. I had no clue what type of mod, but something that took my favorite gaming experiences and put them into my favorite style of game, a complete conversion! My original plan was simply to have a creative outlet that my wife and myself could enjoy when our kids were sleeping at night. Anytime I can make something complicated enough to get an emotional screaming curse out of her, yet easy enough for her to actually understand and do, it was worth doing!

Kelintor: I wanted to have some specific monsters as pets, back in October many modders were starting their own custom pets and were taking request. I was replied that some of my requests weren’t possible and I found that strange, I was already modding Torchlight 1 back then so I knew somehow the limitations. I didn’t want to begin modding without GUTS so I decided to wait. Finally growing out of patience I began modding a sword for bran a player I meet in the Community Hub tool by RMUK as he wanted to do mods but wasn’t able to (it seems the tools doesn’t work well on WinXP). Then I began doing more and more things.

Epoch: I followed Torchlight 2 development for a long time due to the advertisement of being friendly to mods. I thoroughly enjoyed all the mods the community developed for Torchlight 1, and I expected the bar to be raised for Torchlight 2. I never expected that I would be the one modding the game, though. It wasn’t until I played Synergies in early January that I decided I would start development. Once I saw that Salan had created a custom class without the GUTS development tools, I told myself it was time to begin doing it myself. I picked Ninja because I saw it was one class I wanted to make that wasn’t on Salan’s list of classes to develop. I figured it would be a good place to begin since many people enjoy playing games with ninjas. It was one of roughly a dozen classes I had planned out in my mind.

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Building Warframe: Digital Extremes on updates, independence and the free-to-play market

If you’ve been able to nab yourself a key in either of our sizeable Warframe beta key giveaways, you’ll likely know that Digital Extremes’ co-op, space ninja title is emerging as an impressive free-to-play release. Along with games like Tribes: Ascend and Planetside 2, Warframe is helping to lift some of the stigma associated with … Read moreBuilding Warframe: Digital Extremes on updates, independence and the free-to-play market


Shiny Loot Q&A with Chris Palmarozzi, co-founder of the digital distribution platform

PC gaming and digital distribution are snug bedfellows these days. Platforms like Steam, GoG, Gamersgate and others are commonplace destinations for PC users, with ease and cost of purchase ranking highly as reasons to partake of digital versions of games. We exchanged some questions with Chris Palmarozzi about the upcoming launch of a new, indie-focused … Read moreShiny Loot Q&A with Chris Palmarozzi, co-founder of the digital distribution platform


What’s Mayan is yours: Joel Bylos on ending the Secret World subscription fee

Last week, Funcom announced that The Secret World would no longer be charging players a subscription fee to play the conspiracy-fueled MMO. In effect, this reduces the cost of entry to a one-off payment for the game itself. Assuming the Mayan apocalypse doesn’t show up on 21 December, that sounds like a pretty fair deal. … Read moreWhat’s Mayan is yours: Joel Bylos on ending the Secret World subscription fee

Eggstracting the answers: Philip and Andrew Oliver on Dizzy Returns

For many Spectrum and Commodore 64 owners in the 1980s, an oval-ish shaped character in boxing gloves was something of a gaming icon. Dizzy the egg starred in numerous flip-screen, puzzle-adventure titles; from his original clash with pesky wizard Zaks, to battling dragons in Fantasy World Dizzy and figuring his way through a fairytale realm … Read moreEggstracting the answers: Philip and Andrew Oliver on Dizzy Returns

Heroes and Villains Interview

Last week some information dropped in to IncGamers regarding a fan made superhero MMO project, and since NCSoft announced they were shutting down the MMORPG City of Heroes, the community has been discussing and planning efforts to create an new superhero MMORPG. For months the CoH community has been rallying on the Titan Network calling … Read moreHeroes and Villains Interview

Credits, Cobras and Crowd-Funding: David Braben tells us about Elite: Dangerous

At the time of writing, Frontier Developments’ attempt to Kickstart a new entry in the venerable and classic Elite series is heading towards £600,000 GBP of a £1.25 million GBP target. The original project page for Elite: Dangerous was rather sparse, but the past few days have seen new concept art, information updates and videos … Read moreCredits, Cobras and Crowd-Funding: David Braben tells us about Elite: Dangerous

New Diablo 3 developer interview video unlocks

Blizzard’s Heroes Rise promotional page for Diablo 3 has reached 50% and a new developer video has unlocked.  In this interview features Senior Designer Jason Bender, senior sound designer Kris Giampa, and Lead Content Designer Kevin Martens as they discuss numerous aspects of the highly anticipated ARPG. Source: Diablo IncGamers.

Section 8 Prejudice Interview

We sit down with TimeGate President/CEO Adel Chaveleh and Section 8: Prejudice’s Lead Designer, Brett Norton, to discuss the decision to release the game exclusively in the digital realm, the challenges in balancing large-scale multiplayer shooters and why the FPS genre has shunned the use of health pickups.