Jon Chey talks Card Hunter: Part One

Update: Don’t want to read through the whole interview? You can download the audio of it here. Jon Chey is my favourite sort of interview subject. He’s a truly fascinating man whose brain appears to continually fizz with thoughts and ideas; ask him a question about almost anything and, rather than a canned two-sentence response, … Read moreJon Chey talks Card Hunter: Part One

Diablo 3 developer interview part 2

Yesterday Diablo: IncGamers posted the first part of their Diablo 3 interview with Blizzard’s Wyatt Cheng and Josh Mosqueira and today the final segment has been posted. The interview covers topics such as Ironborn mode, Demon Hunter squishiness, Itemization issues and affixes, PvP debate, and much more. Once again the interview comes in both written and audio … Read moreDiablo 3 developer interview part 2

Sanctum 2 Interview

Sanctum 2, the sequel to the rather magnificent 2011 tower defense/FPS hybrid Sanctum, is due out in a matter of days. We wrote a preview. We hosted an exclusive dev diary. We even took some video footage to show it off in an IncGamers Plays. And, yes, we’ll have a review up later this week. … Read moreSanctum 2 Interview