Grey Goo Petroglyph Interview

Released in late January, Grey Goo is a Real Time Strategy title with clear inspiration from the 90s greats like Command & Conquer, Total Annihilation and Dune II. That doesn’t mean the game is slavishly retro; developers Petroglyph adopted plenty of modern day sensibilities like an accessible user interface and more expansive unit control, to make … Read moreGrey Goo Petroglyph Interview

Sui Generis: Interview with Bare Mettle's Madoc Evans

Sui Generis, developed by Bare Mettle Entertainment, is hoping to reinvigorate the RPG concepts of interactive freedom and storytelling-through-character. After a successful Kickstarter campaign which concluded in November 2012, the game is now preparing for an imminent beta release of a prelude, Exanima, which will support the game’s core features. As a point of reference, … Read moreSui Generis: Interview with Bare Mettle's Madoc Evans