Gearbox has released the latest patch for the excellent Homeworld Remastered Collection which includes a missing mission.

In this update the Raider Retreat mission from the original Homeworld, which was part of a pre-order deal with Homeworld Cataclysm, has been added to the game. The extra mission which had been missing in action and didn’t make it into the game for the Homeworld Remastered release, has now been added in this latest 9 June update.

To access the new mission you need to use the “Extra Missions” menu and then click “Raider Retreat”.

This update also bring additional features and fixed which include the following:

New Content!

  • Added the long-lost Raider Retreat mission! This mission can be accessed in the new “Extra Missions” menu. Click here for more info.
    • Added Achievement for completing the Raider Retreat mission.
  • Added Global Chat to the server browser and lobby chat

Fixes and Updates

  • Don’t display the RU’s for a resource if the starting RU’s are 0
  • Objective pointer lines should now be better aligned
  • Misc. audio updates from Paul Ruskay
  • The diplomacy panel is now properly updated to remove the player after disconnections
  • “Unknown level” text is now properly displayed for clients if the host uses a custom map
  • Fixed issue where certain letters in foreign languages would not properly display
  • The distance filter is now available on the main server selection screen
  • Fixed an issue where list boxes would sometimes wrap incorrectly
  • Dust clouds are now selectable “move to object” destinations
  • Added chat commands:

/whisper <name> <message>
/ignore <name>
/unignore <name>

Modder Updates and Additions

  • Created TabControl Interface Element to streamline menus such as the options menu
  • customFormationID was not initialized properly which would possibly be garbage when spawning ships in a map
  • UI – Screen anchors now refresh on screen activate
  • UI – Created new “mirror” anchor type that copies rect and visibility of another element
  • Added concept of “Extra Missions” that should allow modders to create custom campaign missions without having to edit the UI or jump through unnecessary hoops
    • Added support for mission entries in a campaign file to define either a flag saying the persist file from the persist directory should be loaded, or a path indicating what persist file from a save game in the saved campaign data directory should be loaded
    • Added the ability to define a “StartingPlayerFleet.lua” file in a mission directory and have it be loaded if it is there and a persistent fleet is not loaded via the command line prompt of the override that loads a previous saved missions persistent fleet
  • Added command line option “-noMouseCap” so that the game doesn’t steal mouse input on the first frame
Paul Younger


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