As promised earlier in the day, there was a little bit of Hitman gameplay at the Square Enix event. It’s not a ‘pure’ level walkthrough or anything, but it does give a sense of how the game will look, and a few of the assassination methods Agent 47 can employ.

It also kind of implies that IO Interactive have re-thought the disguise system from Absolution (where people in the same outfits as you would be the most likely to recognise a fraud.) Instead, it seems like certain characters will just be more suspicious (or better at their jobs); in the video, Agent 47 is dressed as engineering crew and walks past other crew members. However, he’s accosted by a security guard.

It’s difficult to read too much into that, but it does seem like a change for the better (at least in theory.)

The sandbox nature of Hitman’s levels, and IO Interactive’s plans to add regular new missions and “hits” post-release have already been detailed in this post, but are revisited in the video as well. It mostly sticks to a mission where Agent 47 is tasked with killing an oligarch who’s disrupting intelligence operations (or dodging his property taxes in London, or something.)

Here’s the trailer.

Peter Parrish


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