GTA V PC gets a slew of high-res new screens

GTA V is coming to PC eventually, Rockstar insist, and here are 15 more high-resolution super-pretty screens to prove it.

Yes, okay, so Grand Theft Auto V was supposed to be out around now, and then it was delayed to March. And then it was delayed to April. But it’s definitely still happening, and these 15 screens aim to prove that.

These 3840×2160 screens do look rather lovely, I must admit, with a nice mix of environments and characters on offer. You’ve got panoramic views of cities and golf courses and the countryside, and close-up shots of characters and vehicles and large guns. In short: a lot of the varied visual splendour GTA V has to offer, in 15 screens!

Rockstar appear to be kicking the PC PR machine into a higher gear now, as the blog post alongside these screens indicates we’ll be seeing a lot more of the PC version in the coming weeks. A new trailer is promised, along with a look at the PC version’s Rockstar Editor that’ll help you create your own little videos.

But enough from me – you’re here for the screens, and they’re just below. GTA V is due to hit PC on 14 April, assuming it doesn’t get delayed again.

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