Is your GTA 5 CPU usage going mad? This tip could give you back 25% of precious processing power.

Some players are still struggling with crash issues and there are various problems which still need to be resolved but perhaps this tip from Goftrey could help some people out.

After noticing that the CPU was struggling and becoming frustrated with stuttering issues, especially when driving, Goftrey decided to see what was causing such a strain on the CPU (i3-4150 and a GTX 660 were in the PC).

It transpired that the Grand Theft Auto V Launcher in the task manager was chewing up 25% of the CPU. To see what would happen, the Grand Theft Auto V Launcher was closed down in the Windows task manager and immediately more CPU juice is available for the actual game.  So to put it simply…

ALT-TAB out of the game, open up the Task Manager, close down the Grand Theft Auto V Launcher and then return to the game.

ALT-TABing out may cause a crash but it’s worth a shot to see if it improves performance for you.  Some users are also suggesting increasing the GTAV.exe to high priority in the task manager so you could try these methods together and see what you get.

So far we have been quite lucky here and not experienced any major tech issues with the game and crashing but hopefully Rockstar will get a few fixes out to resolve some of these problems.

If you want to know what we think of the PC version make sure you check our PC port impressions piece where we tested the game on two very different systems.

Edit: Hello, Peter here, just breaking into Paul’s story. I’ve tried this out myself because I’m still using an older i3-2100 processor (paired with 8GB and a 2GB 7870.) The CPU usage was definitely a bottleneck in the port impressions linked above, and closing the GTA 5 launcher after loading up helps a lot.

I’m talking an immediate 10-12fps boost across the board. That launcher must be seriously bloated.

Update: Since we posted this and following further testing, it’s been reported that closing the launcher could cause the game to crash after around 30 minutes. With that in mind, the other option that may help is to set the Grand Theft Auto V Launcher to a low Priority in Task Manager. Do this by right clicking the process in task manager and set it to low.

A batch file to launch the game easily with the priority settings can be created as follows.

start steam://rungameid/271590
timeout 60
wmic process where name=”GTA5.exe” CALL setpriority “high priority”
wmic process where name=”gtavlauncher.exe” CALL setpriority “idle”
wmic process where name=”subprocess.exe” CALL setpriority “idle”

Update 2: The first GTA 5 PC patch appears to have now resolved this problem.

Paul Younger


  1. I don’t have this problem yet, I’m still waiting for the game to download…*sigh*

  2. As lowly i3-2100 user, I’ve just given this a try and added my findings to the story. Short version – it works really well. If you have a weaker processor and suspect it’s a bottleneck, definitely give this a try.

  3. I have an i7 2600k@4.6 and a gtx970. Ofcourse it plays smoothly on very high settings but i do have some sort of stuttering while driving. it feels a bit like rubberbanding? It could be the map buffering (its on a hdd) but ill definitely try shutting down the launcher.

  4. I have tried both of these methods and they worked for about 10 minutes then the game started crashing again and CPU usage is up at 100%

  5. 8350 and Im not having this problem. so far everything very smooth.

  6. I have x4 4 core cpu 8 gb ram and 1 gb hd6950 video card and i wasn’t able to play on lowest settings even though i should. Then tried this trick killing the launcher processs boom! no frame drops! game is playable but now my game crashes after a while says GTA V stopped working… yes i think my pc shold handle GTA V but probably that launcher thing has problems i hope they fix it soon 🙁

  7. Tried this and the game crashes after a while. The stuttering i encountered seems to be due to grasstextures on ultra. My rig doesnt like that. On very high i dont get it.

  8. Are any of you having to disable your GPU in order to get the game to start? If so, make sure you re-enable it after you open the launcher, but BEFORE you sign in to Social Club. At least on my laptop, the game wasn’t running off the correct chip OR recognizing the full amount of available memory.

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