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Dota 2 adds International 2015 chests for more of your money

Dota 2 adds International 2015 chests for more of your money

Valve are offering more ways to raise the The International 2015’s prize pool by getting you to spend more money on Dota 2. Surprisingly, it involves hats.

Sarcasm aside, today marks the addition of The International 2015 Collector’s Cache to the Dota 2 store. This chest’ll cost you $1.99 and contains one of 11 community-created Mythical sets, which… actually looks rather lovely.

The chests also have a chance of containing an item that will give you 11 Compendium levels on use, and a 1-in-250 chance of containing the ultra-rare Faceless Rex courier. And if you’re thinking “Welp, I’ll just hold off for when they’re on the Marketplace”, you can’t. These sets will apparently never be tradeable or marketable – although the Faceless Rex courier is. And oh my God I want it, but not enough to pay a ridiculous sum on the Marketplace.

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That aside, these caches also give you levels just for opening them. The first time you open one you’ll instantly get two levels. After opening five chests, you get another five levels. After opening 11, you get 11 levels.

The sets themselves are for Doom, Juggernaut, Medusa, Spectre, Vengeful Spirit, Tusk, Dragon Knight, Rubick, Necrophos, Windranger, and Skywrath Mage, if that makes a difference to you. Lots of them also come with bonuses; plenty have ambient particles, and a few have things like custom ability icons. The Medusa set even offers cursors!

You can have a looksee at the cache and what it contains over here. And, obviously, it’s also available to buy within Dota 2 itself, where you can get a close-up look at all of the sets for yourself.

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  1. Ohh damn, I really wanted to get the WR set through trading, curse you Volvo.

    P.S. What will happen to the steam Group now that you guys have changed your name?

    • avatar Tim McDonald | June 5, 2015 at 9:46 am |

      I’m not going to lie: that’s the one set I really, really want, too.

      The Steam Group thing is a good question though. Paaaaaul?

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