Diablo 3

It’s been along time coming but Blizzard has finally opened up the testing Diablo 3 v2.0.1.

This is the update that players have been waiting for as it brings new features to the vanilla version of the game including Clans and Communities, the tweaking of the loot system with Loot 2.0, the new Adventure mode, changes to the Paragon levelling system and class updates and much more.

There’s quite a lot to digest in the patch notes┬ábut remember this is only the test servers, the live servers remain the same.

In related news, Blizzard also launched the closed beta for Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls. After a few weeks being in “Friends and Family” beta testing status, other members of the community are now being invited into the expansion to test. Anyone who opted in to take part through their BattleNet account settings should keep an eye on their account for an invite.

Blizzard are really working through all this testing quite quickly which does indicate that progress is going well with the expansion. This would suggest that it will be releasing some time early next year.

Last night the Reaper of Souls beta client was updated bringing a whole host of changes to the game and character skills. The information was datamined by us and you can view all the changes here.

Keep an eye on Diablo: IncGamers for all the latest news and updates.

Paul Younger


  1. I wonder if the release date would be May next year like D3 was as thats the month of my birthday. I can’t see that actually happening with the amount of content and half of ROS coming free for all players.

  2. Seeing as Closed Beta is already on us. I’d say Tuesday March 18th when the Auction House closes will be the day… Would make sense.

    1. Lorderan, you should win a prize for a near spot on release date guess. It’s out 25th of March according to latest news.

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