Purveyors of digital madness, Devolver Digital, have announced a pair of new games at Sony’s E3 2015 conference: Mother Russia Bleeds and Eitr.

Mother Russia Bleeds is a co-op brawler, in which up to four players take the role of imprisoned street fighters in an alternate USSR. They have to “overcome an oppressive criminal authority and crippling drug addictions” through the medium of punching people in the face, a lot. It’s described as an ultra-violent brawler with a story mode campaign and a bunch of challenge and versus modes to keep you occupied, and it’s due in 2016 courtesy of Le Cartel. In terms of horrifying psychedelic brutality and a pumping electronic soundtrack, it’s actually quite reminiscent of Hotline Miami.

Eitr, on the other hand, is the tale of a Norse Shield Maiden traveling the corrupted nine worlds connected together by Yggdrasil, in an attempt to uncover her fate. It looks more precise and creepy, with a focus on careful combat instead of fast-paced brawling. It’s also due in 2016, and is being developed by Eneme Entertainment.

You can see trailers for both games below.

Tim McDonald


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