There’s been a whole lot of city building going on and there’s a load of tips to learn.

Last week, the first Cities: Skylines guide was posted over on our Cities: Skylines network site SkylinesCity.com, and it gives a great run-down of the game’s fundamentals including zoning, utilities, industry and much more. Hopefully you’ve already checked that out when the game released last week.

This morning the second part of the guide has been posted and there are some great tips that will more than likely help you next time you jump in for a game. For example: did you know you can raise pylons just like roads? Did you know you can stop trucks blocking roads with some simple clever industrial zoning? How do you stop industrial zones falling apart due to a lack of workers?

More details on these tips (and more!) can be found in the second part of the guide, so make sure you give that a read before heading back into the game.

In related news, the site has also expanded its mods section with a load of new recommended mods, maps and assets. You can now also submit your recommended mod suggestions and rate all of the mods/maps/assets that are listed. The site is being continually updated so it’s a must-read if you’re playing.

Paul Younger


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