A post-Easter patch for Cities: Skylines has been released today, carrying the city building sim to version 1.0.7c. This patch includes some of the aspects from 1.0.6, which had to be retracted due to it messing with some players’ saved games.

This patch should finally deliver the Japanese zen garden buildings to everyone. Beyond that, developers Colossal Order say they’re still concentrating on “solving the most common technical and accessibility issues some users are experiencing,” so that’s what the majority of 1.0.7c focuses on.

You can read the full changelog at the link above (or here, for convenience,) but it’s full of things like “Asset editor: fixed problems sometimes occurring when rescaling models in the import window” and “Misc: Embedded mod information to save games (to help debugging and for future improvements).” Not the most exciting sounding changes, but important nonetheless.

The patch release comes with a note, suggesting that owners of Cities: Skylines who play with mods enabled (which is presumably quite a few people) should load up version 1.0.7c in mod-free mode first: “Please note that if you run a heavily modded version of the game you might want to disable your mods and start a new city to ensure the vanilla game works properly – before you try running your modded city.

Peter Parrish

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