Borderlands 2 and Dishonored team up for a Valentine’s Day massacre

dishonored borderlands big
I’m honestly not sure whether what’s inside the window is creepier than what’s outside.

Oh come on. Are we starting the Valentine’s Day stuff already? It’s a month away. Sigh. Despite my protests, 2K and Bethesda are doing exactly that, as they’ve announced that they’ll be teaming up to offer bundles of Borderlands 2 with Dishonored, and Skyrim with BioShock Infinite, starting on 11 February.

Each bundle will cost $29.99, but – weep – will only be available in North America. On the plus side, everyone can enjoy the news post on 2K’s blog that reveals this, which takes the form of a letter sent from Borderlands‘ Claptrap to Bethesda. It mostly talks about how great Dishonored is, while crying big sobby tears about how lonely Valentine’s Day is. Go have a read of it.

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