Welcome to the PC Game Release Date List for 2015/16 for May 2015 onwards. This is unlikely to cover every upcoming PC game of 2015 (because it’s impossible to keep track of everything.) But we’ve done our best, and this is the stuff you’re most likely to see covered on IncGamers in the coming year from June 2015 onwards. As always, comments are welcome – we’ll add any glaring omissions and this list will be continually updated throughout 2015 with revised dates and new titles.

May 2015

Project Cars (Slightly Mad): 7 May

Project Cars

I’m fairly confident this is going to be a game about cars. Slightly Mad’s serious driving sim is due in November at some point. Actually, wait, it’s now been bumped to March 2015. OH WAIT, now it’s in April. Just kidding, it’s mid-May now. It’ll come out eventually. Probably.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (CD Projekt Red): 19 May

The Witcher 3

Another game that was officially pushed to 2015 and then delayed from a February release to May. The Witcher 3 puts Geralt in an open world for the first time, so it’ll be fascinating to see how CD Projekt Red reconcile the series’ traditionally rather tight narrative with the more free-form possibilities presented by an unrestricted world. No matter how that all turns out, PC RPG fans are likely to have this on their watch list.

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Magicka 2 (Arrowhead): 26 May

Magicka 2

Spellcasting sequel that promises more co-op chaos and none-vampyric vampires.


Heroes of the Storm (Blizzard): 2015 (Closed beta started January 2015 / Open beta now active)

Heroes of the Storm now open to everyone

Blizzard’s MOBA goes into closed beta in January, so it’s conceivable that the game will be released later in 2015.

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  1. Great list! But I would also include Hyper Light Drifter and Children of Mortaa.

    Too bad about HellRaid, I was longing for an hexen alike FPS for ages….

    1. Agreed. A new Hexen would be very cool. That was such a great game.

      1. I am very fond of the second one, fighting the horsemen of apocalipse. It was a very cool game at my age, today it probably didnt age well but it was magical to me as a kid.

        Zigurrat tried that but its too colorful…. felt more like a serious Sam with roguelike + wizardry setting…

        Anyway there are great releases for PC this year and so much for the indies that I have trouble keeping track of everything. I hope SOMA does come out this year to make up (just a bit) for the heartbreaking cancelation of Silent Hills.

  2. I like this list thing, was it on the old site?

    1. Yes Lazer it was. however we have updated it this week quite a lot and posted it here.

  3. Shadowrun: Hong Kong?

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