Unreviewed: Super Future New Year Edition

It’s a new year, and that means… well, that there were loads of games last year that we didn’t review. Let’s write some guff about a few of those, shall we? And maybe one or…

Dishonored 2: Everything you need to know

All the information about Arkane’s upcoming sequel.

Brut@l ASCIIs for your attention on 9 February

Rising Star Games’ take on the classic ASCII-based dungeoneering formula, Brut@l, has been given a release date of 9 February.

Scalebound disappears from Microsoft site [Update] Game cancelled

The Hideki Kamiya directed title Scalebound, originally an Xbox One exclusive (but subsequently an upcoming PC release too), has gone missing from Microsoft’s Xbox site

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    • Inquiring: Nice. The first Styx game had some neat ideas, and the vertical level design was a breath of fresh air.…
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    • OrgunDonor: This game is going to have to do something pretty spectacular to draw me away from FFXIV. I cant say…
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    • MightyMax: These "weekend" betas are so fucking stupid. Just Do a regular closed beta for people who preorder the game OR,…

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